Spyhouse… in the house

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is one of our favorites, including shops, roasters and friends. Every time we hang out with them it’s awesome and every time we cup their coffee it’s awesome. Thusly, we are proudly featuring them as our Guest Coffee for this quarter + for the second time in More»

We were eating lots of soup at the wormhole…

This season, we wanted to introduce something different to our roster of signature beverages. After several wintry themes were conjured, we considered what we as a staff really wanted. We were eating tons of Tom Kha soup from neighboring Thai restaurants and our Head of Education, Andreas Willhoff, jokingly said, “Tom Kha-te” and we all exclaimed, More»
Sump at worm

Get your Sump at The Wormhole

Our Guest Roaster this season is Sump Coffee out of St Louis, MO. For being a smaller roasting company, this collective is increasingly better and blowing us away when we revisit their offerings month after month. This round we’re featuring the Yemen Haraaz, an insanely decadent coffee that is impressive in it’s natural complexity. We More»

Acaia Pearl at The Wormhole

Due to extreme attention to detail and outright nerdery, The Wormhole is proud to stock our shelves with the latest in coffee technologies: the Acaia Scale. With precision in mind, this incredibly accurate scale comes with an incredible aid in the form of an app. Compatible with iPhone and Android, the Acaia App keeps a More»

Clove Encounters

As the autumnal season approaches, we’re ready as always to serve you a rich and decadent latte. Last year we did the Cosby Classic, a banana and vanilla wafer syrup with whipped cream on top. To stay with the tradition of desert-like treats, we’re offering up the Clove Encounters. This drink was created by Hannah More»